Learn improv (improvised theatre) in Málaga, Spain

Learn some of the most important skills of the 21st century while having loads of fun, together with expats and English-speaking locals at the heart of Costa del Sol.

Join our improv classes to learn improv the best way, and completely in English!

We create new learning groups as new people show interest. Apart from the courses currently running, we are planing to start a new course soon. Fill the form, and we’ll get in touch with the exact dates and prices.

To create a safe and joyful learning environment, we like to select the people that come to the classes. So, if you have never been to one of our meetups, we will give you a call to know you a bit better.

We also organize short improv workshops with international improvisers visiting Málaga. If you are interested in these (or if you want regular classes, but you don’t know when you’ll be able to start), fill this form letting us know about that, and we’ll get in touch when we publish new workshops/classes.

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Who is the teacher?

Alfonso Garzas is a seasoned improviser with 12 years improv experience, including:

  • Receiving hundreds of hours of training from dozens of teachers from around the globe.
  • Founding and collaborating with several improv troupes and schools in Germany, Finland and Spain.
  • Performing in shows and improv festival in several countries and languages.
  • Teaching improv in workshops and regular courses in several countries and improv festivals.

Alfonso’s playful approach sets participants at ease and creates a safe, inclusive space that encourages people to let go.

With also a background in business management and personal development, Alfonso also brings to the table a focus on the skills that can become useful for your work and professional life.

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Our social commitment

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We contribute to a better society by bringing people together, helping them have a fun time and learn interesting skills.

And because we want to make it affordable and fair for everyone involved, all our learning activities have a “socially conscious price scale”. People who can’t afford the fair price can get a discount, and those who can afford the abundant price can contribute more.

We also know that there are people that can’t even think of doing improv because they lack something as basic as food and shelter.

That’s why we dedicate a 10% of all our benefits to a local NGO called “Angeles Malagueños de la Noche”. A food bank that provides meals to thousands of people in need every week.

Other options:

Join one of our meetups

Just playing some games for fun and to meet people, easy-peasy.

Come to our shows

We organize shows of different kinds. Come check them out!