About Mylaga

Mylaga is an improv group doing shows, workshops and corporate training in English and other languages in Málaga, Spain.

The team behind Mylaga

The founders of Mylaga were Jacintha Damström and Alfonso Garzas. After a breakup, Jacintha moved out of Málaga and left the group.

Now Alfonso runs the group and is building a community which people that get involved eventually take relevant roles and become part of the team helping it grow.

We know that improv can be used as a tool to bring people together in meaningful ways, while at the same time being a fun and interesting activity.

We also know that improv training can develop a series of skills that are essential, both at work and in our personal lives. Some of those skills, are communication (of all kinds), teamwork, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, decision-making and courage.

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Alfonso Garzas

Born in Soria, Spain, Alfonso has lived in 4 different countries (Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and Finland).

After years of doing scripted theatre, he started doing improv in Madrid in 2010 and instantly fell in love with it. Since then, he has never stopped.

Alfonso has performed in Spanish, English and German all around Europe. In Berlin, he co-founded a troupe called ES impro, which is still active today.

He has performed and taught in many cities and improv festivals around Europe, and is part of the international collective of improv teachers Ohana.

With his background and studies in Marketing, Alfonso also co-founded a charity that promotes life skills through adventures at sea called Atyla ship Foundation.

His passion for both storytelling and personal development comes together in his workshops. On his improv workshops, he likes to point at the skills from improv that can serve us in our personal lives. And on his corporate training sessions, he likes to point at how storytelling can guide and connect a team.

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Our social commitment

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We contribute to a better society by bringing together and introducing them a type of art that can be very transformative.

We also know that there are people in Málaga and the Costa del Sol that can’t even think of going to an improv show because they lack something as basic as food and shelter.

That’s why we dedicate a 10% of all our benefits from the show to a local NGO called “Angeles Malagueños de la Noche“. A food bank that provides meals to thousands of people in need every week.