Improv shows in English in Málaga

Join a community of expats and English-speaking locals to enjoy an evening of improvised theatre in English in Málaga, Spain.

What to expect?

Our shows normally feature 2 or 3 professional improvisers: Alfonso Garzas (the founder of Mylaga, a seasoned improviser with 13 years improv experience) plus one or two guest performers from around the globe.

All our shows are completely unscripted. The cast might agree on the kind of format they want to present, but the actual content of the show is created on the spot.

The performers might ask the audience for suggestions to inspire the show. But don’t worry, you won’t be asked to participate nor step on stage.

Our shows are often fun, and often narrative (telling stories), but not necessary always. We take pride in presenting a wide variety of types of improv shows. So if you regularly come to our shows you’ll see that they are all very different, also on the formats that we present.

Next show

- 8th of June at 20:00 -

Professional improvisers Ana Puerta from La Tetera Impro and Gisela Escoda from Alikindoi Impro will join our Alfonso Garzas for a one-time-only show in Málaga: A theatre show where the script is created on the spot in front of your eyes.

As a special occasion, this show will contain so few words, that it'll be translated, on the spot, to Spanish. So if you like our shows, and have friends that don't speak English, this is your opportunity to bring them with you.

WHERE? Centro Ciudadano "El Perchel". C/La Serna 12, Málaga

HOW MUCH? It's 9€ for the first 35 tickets sold and 12€ for the rest. A 10% of the proceeds go to a local charity.

Important: There are no tickets at the door, so even if you buy it last minute, it has to be through the website. 

After the show, join us at Restaurant Jose (4 minutes away from the theatre) to grab a drink and a bite with an exclusive 20% discount, and mingle with us!

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Our social commitment

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We contribute to a better society by bringing together and introducing them a type of art that can be very transformative.

We also know that there are people in Málaga and the Costa del Sol that can’t even think of going to an improv show because they lack something as basic as food and shelter.

That’s why we dedicate a 10% of all our benefits from the show to a local NGO called “Angeles Malagueños de la Noche“. A food bank that provides meals to thousands of people in need every week.

Other options to get involved:

Join one of our meetups

Just playing some games for fun and meeting people, easy-peasy.

Learn improv with us

Top quality classes and our workshops to learn improv