Improvised theatre in Málaga

Meet expats and English-speaking locals in Málaga, Spain.

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- 10th of May at 20:00 -

With professional improvisers Vincent Van Nieuwenhuyze (Ghent, Belgium) and Alfonso Garzas (Málaga). A 2-person theatre performance without a script, created on the spot. In case you wonder: don't worry, we won't make you step on stage.

WHERE? Centro Ciudadano "El Perchel". C/La Serna 12, Málaga

HOW MUCH? It's 9€ for the first 40 tickets and until the 7th of May. After that, it's 12€. A 10% of the proceeds go to a local charity.

After the show, join us at Restaurant Jose (4 minutes away from the theatre) to grab a drink and a bite with an exclusive 20% discount, and mingle with other English-speakers.

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Improv meetups to play and have fun

Upcoming meetups: 28th of April, 26th of May, 23rd of June.

WHAT? We get together and play some improv games, just for fun and to meet new people. You don’t need previous experience, neither there is a pressure to “be funny” or “creative” or “do it well”. Explore your spontaneity in a fun, safe and easy-going environment.

WHERE? FYE Academy, C/Héroe de Sostoa 25, Málaga

WHEN? From 17:00 to 19:00

HOW MUCH? Between 6€ and 10€ (depending on what you can afford). 10% of the proceeds go to charity.

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